A Guide for Parents and Students preparing to sit for Examinations in Music

Nerves are very normal prior to the exam so parents, it helps to be calm and cheerful before and after the exam.

Remember the examiner is keen for you to do well.

Here is a basic check list.

When you arrive for the exam

  1. Make sure you bring your exam slip with you
  2. Rub out any pencil marks on you music!
  3. If you have your instrument with you, get it out of its case and ask where you can store the case.
  4. For a stringed instrument check the tuning or if a blowing instrument make sure everything is working and blow some air through to warm it up.
  5. Try to say calm
  6. As you enter the room greet the examiner “Good Morning/ Afternoon” be bright and cheerful, smile and present them with the form.

Remember this is an assessment to see how you are progressing.

If you have prepared well and followed your teacher’s instruction you’ll be fine.


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