How often should you change your nylon guitar strings?

This is a very debateable point! Some people never change the strings till one breaks.

This is not a good idea, as any string will dull in sound over time and the degree of dullness will vary depending on the usage.

As we are discussing Nylon strings here, when you see marking on the lower frets of the bass strings, this is a clear sign to change all strings. Believe me you’ll notice the difference and brightness of the new strings as to the old tired ones.

Generally the first to break is the thinnest wound, and that’s the D string or 4th string.

If that breaks it wise to review the whole set and replace them.

A set of 6 strings is not expensive, however if not sure how to tie them and tune, we have a full service at Masson Music, just bring it in and in a day or two you’ll be up and playing again.

It’s worth noting that nylon strings need a little time to settle in. We have a special process to stretch them in for you, so come in and let our professionals work their magic.


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