When Is a Musical Instrument not a Musical Instrument?

Instrument manufacture is a fine art involving many aspects and considerations.

The very nature of instrument manufacturing and the required materials call for great expertise and skill in order to produce a fully functional musical instrument. With the rapid industrialisation of Asia, many opportunistic businesses have emerged masquerading as quality musical instrument manufacturers.

Consequently, there are many unplayable or extremely inferior products entering the Australian market. These are being sold to unwary consumers by either naïve or unscrupulous people/businesses. These operate through internet trades and auctions. Most of these are people are non-industry sellers and often possess little to no knowledge in this field.

We would strongly advise against the purchase of these products. Here at Masson Music we have over 35 years experience and we are in touch with the global market. We have proven products that will last the distance whether you’re just beginning or you have been playing for some time.

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